Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chef Laurine's POLICE escort to the Eat Real Festival

Its not every day you can convince the highway patrol to give you a lift to a Food Festival with a cooler of meat and sausage casings! In 15 years Left Coast has NEVER missed a gig, however we all make mistakes sometimes, especially when we're so focussed on the food, especially when that food is SAUSAGE! I was on the way to the Eat Real Festival in Oakland to give a demo on sausage making for the new Bay-Area sausage company that I rep called Fork in the Road when the van ran out of power. Fortunately I was able to convince this charming (and cute) police officer to give me a lift to Jack London square to teach the masses about sausage. Sadly, the officer refused my offer for free sausages!

Back to the food!

xx, LCC

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