Tuesday, October 15, 2013

An Elegant Affair

As a catering business, we find ourselves setting up kitchens in all types of spaces. Most of the time, impromptu kitchens are fairly straightforward to set up, but other times we have to get a bit creative. A recent wedding reception prompted us to do the latter. 

One week ago, we catered a wedding reception at Big Daddy's Antiques in San Francisco. Now, Big Daddy isn't your average, closet-sized antique shop, it's a full on warehouse! The space was filled with all sorts of odds and ends, ranging from a 7 foot tall metal cowboy boot to giant aviaries and beautifully refurbished furniture. That evening's affair was simple, yet elegant. We utilized the space's existing decor and a designer complemented the scene with succulents and tea lights. 

The menu was influenced by the union of two people, and two cultures. Can you guess the global inspiration behind the evening's entrees?


Passed appetizers

Wild mushroom, melted brie, truffle oil, chive, asiago crostini
Seared risotto cake, spinach, gorgonzola
Fried chicken bite, house made ranch
Mini lamb meatball, charmoula

First course

Wild arugula salad, figs, almonds, pecorino, sherry vinaigrette, rosemary grissini 
Artisan bread and butter

Entrée choice

Slow cooked pork shoulder, roasted brussel sprouts, cipollini onion, apple relish, fingerling potatoes
Seared berbere spiced salmon, French green lentils, kale, kabocha squash, tomato ginger jam

Butternut squash ravioli, shaved brussel sprouts, hazelnuts, brown butter

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