Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Delivery lunch menu for the week of August 19th

August 19th
Romaine salad with croutons, tomatoes, persian cucumbers, feta, lemon vinaigrette
Entree ( choose one)
Grilled Kefta (lamb meatballs) with cilantro dressing  
Grilled Yellowtail with green charmoula and sautéed summer squash
Delicious Sides (choose one)
Tabbouleh with tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley and lemon vinaigrette
Spicy Moroccan carrots salad with yogurt, harrisa, lemon and cilantro 
Vegetarian option  - Spinach, currant, pine nut, goat cheese phyllo turnover
Chocolate pistachio shortbread
Tasty extras
Lemon, chicken, egg and dill soup

August 20th
Mixed greens with nectarines, fennel, goat cheese and champagne vinaigrette
Grilled herb marinated chicken breast with roasted tomato and olive relish
Delicious Sides (choose one)
Sautéed summer beans with red onions
Orzo pilaf with lemon, pine nuts, parsley, and parmesan
Vegetarian option: Pizzetta with ricotta, zucchini, roasted tomatoes and basil
Panna cotta

August 21st 
Arugula salad with hard cooked egg, pickled red onions, blue cheese and red wine vinaigrette
Grilled flank steak with shallot jam, red wine sauce
Delicious Sides (choose one)
Seared risotto cakes with spinach and gorgonzola
Summer vegetable salad with parsley almonds salsa
Vegetarian option -Baked globe zucchini with ratatouille
Lemon cheesecake bites

August 22nd
Lunch – Munger, Lone star, Keher and VanNest
Chopped romaine salad with tomatoes, radish, spicy pepitas, jicama, coajita cheese, chili lime vinaigrette
Entree (choose one)
Latin flavored skirt steak fajita with onions and peppers
Delicious Sides (choose one)
Corn pudding
Seared zucchini with tomato and chipotle 
Vegetarian option:  Enchilada verde with jack cheese, corn and pablano
Chocolate pecan pie 

August 23rd
Mixed green salad with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, pickled red onions, croutons, red wine vinaigrette
Entree (choose one)
Barbecued chicken
Delicious Sides (choose one)
Grilled corn salad with roasted zucchini, roasted peppers, grilled red onions and basil
Roasted potato salad with capers, shallots, dill and whole grain mustard vinaigrette
Veg option: Grilled vegetable kabob with herb salsa
Nectarine and blackberry cobbler
Scallion cornbread

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